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ヒガシジユウイチロウ写真展『 A=A A≠A(mountain) 』 


名称  : KOBE 819 GALLERY企画 ヒガシジユウイチロウ写真展 『 A=A A≠A(mountain) 』

会期  :  2018年9月22日(土)〜9月30日(日) 12:00〜19:00 最終日は18:00まで 入場無料





9月23日(日) 18:00〜19:30 定員20名 参加料1,000円  事前予約制

予約をご希望のお客様は、[email protected] までお申し込みください。


A=A A≠A(mountain)





A=A A≠A(mountain)

Copy one photograph print A repeatedly 2000 times.By increasing the difference by repeating the expected replication behavior A = A ‘to the limit,fake A ‘produces a new value B beyond the concept of copy.Generally, A ‘copying one picture A is treated as equivalent to A, but by passing through 2000 work which statistically copied is confirmed,The difference between A and A ‘that could not be confirmed unless observation in detail is increased and it can not be treated as equal value.Therefore, even if it is copied by a copying machine commonly used as a copying machine.It is clear that large deviations that can not be treated as equal values are extracted.In general values, it is worth the real thing that one photograph A as a copy source is real,The copied item A ‘is a fake item and is said to be worthless (to the real thing),but it is based on the premise that the difference from the copy source is small and it is the same figure or similar.If the difference does not differ in 2000 copies, the value for copy source A can not be determined,so fake A ‘is released from the concept of copy and can be reborn as a new value B.This work has the same logical structure as a paradox called Wagner’s friend of quantum mechanics and this picture A and copied A ‘can not be compared unless you set the viewer’s point of view and its criteria (expectation value). According to physicist Eugene Wagner,If someone confirms that you are alive by seeing yourself, you exist by someone else.If someone else can see it, that someone exists by someone else.It is a thought paradox of Wagner’s friend.


This mountain is the tallest in Japan, a famous and beautiful scene is drawn from long ago.There is no one in Japan who does not know this mountain.So, few people can not draw this mountain.This “recognizable” itself poses a question to the person who recognizes the question about the connection between the outline and the identity.It’s like having witnessed someone familiar with plastic surgery.



Higashiji Yuichiro

1983年 愛知県生まれ
2006年 岡山理科大学 生物地球システム学部卒
2015年 NTMY Issue.3 掲載
     Jerome Montagne and Alexis Vasilikos(Phases)選出

2016年 IMA 田中義久ワークショップ 修了 濱田祐史氏選出、永井雅也氏選出
2016年 KYOTOGRAPHIE International Portfolio Review 
The jury selected following photographers 選出
2017年 BANKART_Artist in Residence参加
2018年 Emon Photo Award ファイナリスト選出

2013年 Photo Gallery Psyche 「いきうつし」
2014年 Photo Gallery Psyche 「みんなしってる。だれもしらない。」
2017年 アーティストレジデンス BankArt1929 
2017年 「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 C7C(Nagoya)
2018年 「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 TAPGALLERY(Tokyo)
2018年 「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 Junpu-elementary school(Kyoto)KG+ award
2018年 「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 916GALLERY(Kobe)
2018年 「Emon Photo Award グランプリ展」Emon photo gallery (tokyo)

2016年 IMA CONCEPT STORE「まだみえぬ写真集 /IMA 田中義久ワークショップ 修了展」
2016年 Einstein photo studio 「New Japanese Photography」 NY,TOKYO,KYOTO
2017年 SICF18  出展
2018年 Emon Photo Award ファイナリスト展

2015年 128ページ版「みんなしってるだれもしらない」(自費出版)
2016年 600ページ版ダミー本「みんなしってるだれもしらない」20冊限定
Phases magazine week45-2015に掲載

Yuichiro Higashiji
It was born in Nagoya JAPAN in 1983.

2006 Graduated from Okayama University of Science creature global system department

2015 NTMY Issue.3 carrying
   Mr.Jerome Montagne and Mr.Alexis Vasilikos election of basilicas (Phase)

2016 IMA Yoshihisa Tanaka(Nerhol) workshop Finish
   Mr. Yuuji Hamada(Photographer) elects and elects Mr. Masaya Nagai(IMA STORE).

2016 KYOTOGRAPHIE International Portfolio Review 
The jury selected following photographers selected
2017 BANKART_Artist in Residence
2018 Emon Photo Award finalist in

2013 Photo Gallery Psyche “ikiutsushi”(The living image of)
2014 Photo Gallery Psyche”Everyone knows Nobody knows”
2017 Artist in Residence at Bankart 1929 in Yokohama
2017 C7C(Nagoya) 「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 
2018 TAPGALLERY(Tokyo) 「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 
2018 Junpu-elementary school(Kyoto) in KG+ award「A=A A≠A(moutain)」 

2016 IMA CONCEPT STORE “the photographs which aren’t seen yet/IMA Yoshihisa Tanaka workshop Finish exhibition”
2016 “Einstein photo studio New Japanese Photography” NY and TOKYO,KYOTO
2017 SICF18 “Everyone knows Nobody knows” at Omotesando Tokyo (Schedule)

Phases magazine week45-2015




昨年から名古屋、東京、京都での展覧会を開催し、いよいよ神戸での展示となります。今回から作品の販売を開始し、これからのアジア展開へと繋げていきます。皆様のご来廊、心よりお待ちしております。  KOBE 819 GALLERY  野元大意
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